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A study conducted by research firm YouGov in partnership with Canary , a smart home security company, found that more than a third of working parents are unable to have dinner with their kids, and 1 out 5 parents are unable to tuck their kids in at night due to work responsibilities.

Ten percent of those surveyed reported that their child was home alone or under the care of a nanny, sibling or relative for at least hours per day.

So what can you do when work responsibilities make it harder to be home? Tell us in the comments below. Visitors to the hotel can take part in the special St. Santa will roam through Astor Court and sit with children at their table. Children under the age of three receive a complimentary tea experience.

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So heartwarming! I pray all of the time that He will use me and give me the right words to say that will touch other moms and to be encouraging… and that is just what He has done. I know that it will be a blessing to everyone who reads it. Highlight of my day is the tuck-in time! So true, Mark! Thanks for stopping by!

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As an older parent with some severe health issues, it can be hard to stay up long enough to do so. I am always blessed by this, especially when there is tension or issues we have not been able to deal with during the day. I also have a cheesy secret knock for our adjoining wall.. By the way, my grandmother tucked me in till I got married, and it was hard to give that up when my husband came along! If I visited alone, she tucked me in until she went home to the Lord. I tucked her in the last year of her life and the sweetness of those memories will always remain.

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I still tuck in our 14 yr. We always pray together and he says a Praise and a Request and then I pray. It is just the sweetest time of day and I will continue this tradition as long as he likes it. Thanks for posting how important it is to love on our teenagers.

They need it, and so does the parent!

Thanks for sharing that with us! Such a great way to build a close relationship with our teens. I am on day 50 of being a parent. I know how important it is and I would have never gone to bed without saying goodnight to my mom when I was young. I hope I can instill this soon enough in these kids as well.

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My husband keeps talking very negatively about me tucking my sweet, 14 year old son in. He is so responsible, respectful and well behaved. There is a 13 and 15 year old couple we know who are pregnant. That could be my kid, but he is interested in church and Learning the Bible, drum, gospel music and basketball…. My son loves Jesus very much and love it when I get that one on one chance to talk to him and pray with him. Also, before I met and married my husband I had a stroke and my 4 kids were there for me through all that.

I always want them to feel loved by me. How do I make her reciprocate this time of affection. Or just simply not losing the habit of saying goodnight. My boys are 13 and 5 and my husband and I take turns tucking them in well I probably do it the most but we still alternate depending on which parent the child asks for. My parents always tucked my sisters and I in until we moved out or stopped asking. Some of these replies have brought tears to my eyes and I will continue tucking my boys in regardless of her and her meddling comments. Thank you Michelle for posting this and thank you to everyone for their heartfelt replies.

G-night xo. If you are a human, do not fill in this field. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. When we are willing to take this time to show our kids how special they are to us, it makes a huge difference to them. Just do it.