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Box , East Bridgewater, MA Write a Thank-You Note Cards and letters from back home are some of the most important gifts you could send to our troops.

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Besides putting a smile on a soldier's face, this is also a great opportunity to help your child learn to write a letter. Plus, it doesn't cost a thing other than domestic postage if you mail it to an organization like SKIP to send to a soldier for you.

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Send a Homemade Craft Another inexpensive gift from the heart for our troops is a homemade craft. Your kids can make one of these cute patriotic crafts for a deployed soldier to decorate his bare space.

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If you're very crafty, Citizen SAM outlines ways you can knit and quilt for our troops. Donate Your Wedding Gown Is your wedding dress just taking up space in your closet?

They ask that gowns be under three years old. Sorry — no poufy sleeves! Sponsor a Baby Shower Having a baby is a bright spot in a military family's life, and funding a baby shower for an Army wife or mom in the military is a kind gesture that will help them build their family nest.

Be an Angel, Help a Soldier

You can support showers for military moms through Operation Shower. Donate Your Photography Services A soldier cherishes family photos when he's far from home. If you're a professional or highly skilled photographer, you can join the ranks of Yellow Ribbon Photographers and help military couples or families in your area by snapping complimentary shots of them. A donation supports military families during a time of greatest need.

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If you know of other great causes or ways to thank our troops, please leave a comment. Next: Donate to the USO. Next: Send or Contribute to Care Packages.

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Next: Write a Thank-You Note. Next: Send a Homemade Craft. Next: Donate Your Wedding Gown.

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