Sherlock Holmes und der Club des Höllenfeuers (German Edition)

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I should like to have a quiet hour by myself to make up my mind. Now, look here, Mr. Holmes, it's half-past eleven now and I am going back right away to my German advisable: ratsam, angebracht, empfehlenswert. Watson, come round and lunch with us at two. I'll be able to tell you more clearly then how this thing strikes me. Shall I have a cab called? Au revoir, and good-morning! In an instant Holmes had changed from the languid dreamer to the man of action. Not a moment to lose! We hurried together down the stairs and into the street.

Sherlock Holmes und die Katakomben von Paris

Mortimer and Baskerville were still visible about two hundred yards ahead of us in the direction of Oxford Street. I am perfectly satisfied with your company if you will tolerate mine. Our friends are wise, for it is certainly a very fine morning for a walk. Then, still keeping a hundred yards behind, we followed into Oxford Street and so down Regent Street. Once our friends stopped and stared into a shop window, upon which Holmes did the same. An instant afterwards he gave a little cry of satisfaction, and, following the direction of his eager eyes, I saw that a hansom cab with a man inside which had halted on the other side of the street was now proceeding slowly onward again.

Come along! We'll have a good look at him, if we can do no more. Arthur Conan Doyle 41 At that instant I was aware of a bushy black beard and a pair of piercing eyes turned upon us through the side window of the cab.

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Instantly the trapdoor at the top flew up, something was screamed to the driver, and the cab flew madly off down Regent Street. Holmes looked eagerly round for another, but no empty one was in sight. Then he dashed in wild pursuit amid the stream of the traffic, but the start was too great, and already the cab was out of sight. Watson, Watson, if you are an honest man you will record this also and set it against my successes! How else could it be known so quickly that it was the Northumberland Hotel which he had chosen?

If they had followed him the first day I argued that they would follow him also the second. You may have observed that I twice strolled over to the window while Dr.

"The Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes" 1937 German Film

Mortimer was reading his legend. We are dealing with a clever man, Watson. This matter cuts very deep, and though I have not finally made up my mind whether it is a benevolent or a malevolent agency which is in touch with us, I am conscious always of power and design. When our friends left I at once followed them in the hopes of marking down their invisible attendant. So wily was he that he had not trusted himself upon foot, but he had availed himself of a cab so that he could loiter behind or dash past them and so escape their notice. His method had the additional advantage that if they were to take a cab he was all ready to follow them.

It has, however, one obvious disadvantage.

Sherlock Holmes - Neue Fälle Sherlock Holmes und der Teufel von St. James by J.J. Preyer

But that is no use to us for the moment. I should then at my leisure have hired a second cab and followed the first at a respectful distance, or, better still, have driven to the Northumberland Hotel and waited there. When our unknown had followed Baskerville home we should have had the opportunity of playing his own game upon himself and seeing where he made for. As it is, by an indiscreet eagerness, which was taken advantage of with extraordinary quickness and energy by our opponent, we have betrayed ourselves and lost our man. Mortimer, with his companion, had long vanished in front of us.

We must see what further cards we have in our hands and play them with decision. Could you swear to that man's face within the cab? A clever man upon so delicate an errand has no use for a beard save to conceal his features. Come in here, Watson!

You saved my good name, and perhaps my life. I have some recollection, Wilson, that you had among your boys a lad named Cartwright, who showed some ability during the investigation.

And I should be glad to have change of this five-pound note. He stood now gazing with great reverence at the famous detective. Now, Cartwright, there are the names of twenty-three hotels here, all in the immediate neighbourhood of Charing Cross.

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Do you see? Here are twenty-three shillings. You will say that an important telegram has miscarried and that you are looking for it. You understand? Here is a copy of the Times.

It is this page. You could easily recognize it, could you not?

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You will then learn in German boys: Jungen. In the three other cases you will be shown a heap of paper and you will look for this page of the Times among it. The odds are enormously against your finding it. There are ten shillings over in case of emergencies. Let me have a report by wire at Baker Street before evening. And now, Watson, it only remains for us to find out by wire the identity of the cabman, No. Telegramm, Verdrahten, Ader.

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For two hours the strange business in which we had been involved appeared to be forgotten, and he was entirely absorbed in the pictures of the modern Belgian masters. He would talk of nothing but art, of which he had the crudest ideas, from our leaving the gallery until we found ourselves at the Northumberland Hotel. One was Theophilus Johnson and family, of Newcastle; the other Mrs.

Oldmore and maid, of High Lodge, Alton. Johnson, the coal-owner, a very active gentleman, not older than yourself. Oldmore, too; I seem to remember the name. Excuse my curiosity, but often in calling upon one friend one finds another. Her husband was once mayor of Gloucester. She always comes to us when she is in town. We have established a most important fact by these questions, Watson," he continued in a low voice as we went upstairs together. That means that while they are, as we have seen, very anxious to watch him, they are equally anxious that he should not see them.

Now, this is a most suggestive fact. His face was flushed with anger, and he held an old and dusty boot in one of his hands. So furious was he that he was hardly articulate, and when he did speak it was in a much broader and more Western dialect than any which we had heard from him in the morning. By thunder, if that chap can't find my missing boot there will be trouble. I can take a joke with the best, Mr. Holmes, but they've got a bit over the mark this time.

And now it's an old black one. Arthur Conan Doyle 47 "That's just what I do mean to say. I only had three pairs in the world--the new brown, the old black, and the patent leathers, which I am wearing. Last night they took one of my brown ones, and to-day they have sneaked one of the black. Well, have you got it? Speak out, man, and don't stand staring! Well, well, Mr. Holmes, you'll excuse my troubling you about such a trifle--" "I think it's well worth troubling about.

It seems the very maddest, queerest thing that ever happened to me. This case of yours is very complex, Sir Henry. When taken in conjunction with your uncle's death I am not sure that of all the five hundred cases of capital importance which I have handled there is one which cuts so deep. But we hold several threads in our hands, and the odds are that one or other of them guides us to the truth.

Staying Strong

We may waste time in following the wrong one, but sooner or later we must come upon the right. It was in the private sitting-room to which we afterwards repaired that Holmes asked Baskerville what were his intentions. I have ample evidence that you are being dogged in London, and amid the millions of this great city it is difficult to discover who these people are or what their object can be. If their intentions are evil they might do you a mischief, and we should be powerless to prevent it.

You did not know, Dr.