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Shire Horses Are Gentle Giants with a Farmer's Enduring Work Ethic

In Hand Welsh Youngstock 3 years and under. In Hand Welsh mare or gelding 4 years and over. In Hand Welsh Championship from winners of class 20 and Trophy 9. Trophy Novice Working Hunter Pony Open Working Hunter pony Working Hunter Pony Championship from winners of class 28 and Novice Working Hunter over Open Working Hunter over Working Hunter Horse Championship from winners of class 31 and In Hand Coloured In Hand Coloured over Ridden Coloured Ridden Coloured over Coloured Championship from winners of class Trophy 5.

Classes will be judged in two sections within each class a. Novice Pony Club Pony - Novice entries only - walk and trot only -must be a pony club member - Trophy 13 for highest placed Tanatside Pony Club member. Cannot enter class Open Pony Club Pony - will be required to canter and jump a small fence - must be a pony club member - Trophy 14 for highest places Tanatside Pony Club member.

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Ridden Veteran Pony - pony 15 years or over - novice rider - walk and trot only. Ridden Pony Showing Championship from winner of classes Same combination cannot enter class Supreme Championship to be judged in the main arena at 1. Horse Section. Enter On Horse Monkey.

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Download Entry Form. Download Schedule. Ridden Hunter over Ridden Riding Horse over Ridden Veteran Horse over Ridden Cob - any height - show or traditional turnout - no Welsh Cobs 6. Heavy horse gelding 3 years or over 9. Heavy horse barren mare 3 years or over Heavy horse mare with foal at foot Heavy horse colt or filly foal Trophy 6 Heavy horse yearling or 2 year old colt, filly or gelding In almost all heavy horse classes, presentation is done in the traditional way.

Everyone must start somewhere. Heavy horses have a beautiful, traditional way of being presented at shows that will require some preparation.

This is so that the judge can see the hocks and rump working as the horse moves away from them. We highly recommend Elaine from Heavy Horse Decorations in England — she makes beautiful quality traditional decorations in many colours that will last a long time if cared for well. When it comes to decorations, there are slightly different requirements depending on the age and sex of the horse.

Show Preparation Part 1

Yearlings can be put into either category — some people include a mane roll on yearlings while others do not, the choice is yours. The plaiting and presentation of a Shire is not difficult, but does require some practice.

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For more information on exactly what to do with decorations, please see our separate post on decorating a Shire for show. Most shows require colts over twelve months of age to wear a bit, but other than that the choice is yours.

Show Preparation Part 1

You can choose leather or biothane, sometimes even traditional white rope. A good quality lead is also important!

Most people use either leather or white rope leads. Our preference is white rope, simply because we prefer the feel in the hand. You may choose to show with a cane or carrot stick.

Traditional canes are made from wood with a plaited leather handle. They can be used to touch the horse on the ribs if it is reluctant to trot, to tap the horse on the hock to ask it to stand up correctly or even placed in front of the nose in the trot to ensure steady pace. Heavy horse specific items to add include wood flour, raffia, talcum powder and a platform to give you height if you need to put a mane roll in. The standard handler attire in heavy horse competitions is pants, shirt, tie, jacket, hat and boots. Hide menu Hide the navigation. Her work is very high quality. At higher levels of competition like Royal shows, horses do need to be wearing shoes.