Flying Without Fear 101 Fear of Flying Questions Answered

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Hi I came on your course in November after 28 years of not flying due to my fear. I was even too scared to commit to the course. I was very thankful I get a cancellation on the course 24 hours before it started. This course has changed my life!! My husband said it's drained his wallet.

Flying Without Fear 101 questions answered

Thank you so much for enabling me to do this. Next year I am planning to visit the USA!! I recommend the course to everyone I possibly can. Thank you again. Here is a picture that takes us back.

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Danny La Rue when he joined one of our early ground based courses to help out. Labels: flying without fear blog June Hello and welcome to the May flying without fear blog. Fear can seem insurmountable at times. It can feel like it is almost impossible to beat it. It can seem just so big, strong and fixed It can feel hard to know where to start Can you relate to that? We always thought that this was a very descriptive and helpful way to describe how fear gets a hold. A rope is strong. If you try to break a rope, it is not that easy.

No-one is really that strong. However, when you actually look at a rope, it is made up of lots of mini ropes. If you were to take the mini ropes apart, thread by thread, you would eventually be able to break the rope. Fear is a bit like that. It feels so strong, it is hard to know where to start.

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The trick is to start. Start by picking at the fear one strand at a time. Labels: fear of flying blog May Greetings and welcome to the flying without fear blog In the news The recent Ethiopian Airlines crash was a real tragedy and we send our sincere sympathies to all the families and friends of those lost. Please don't watch all the video clips etc. This is a delicate time to say this, but if you are reading this blog you might need some encouraging thoughts too.

Some key messages to remember if we may suggest: This accident, like all accidents, will be thoroughly investigated and learned from. When the results are known, they are published and every airline around the world will be informed of any changes needed to procedures or equipment or any other lessons that come from this tragedy. Western World Commercial Aviation is incredibly safe and accidents like this are extremely rare. Also in the news Did you see this in the news a couple of weeks ago? How amazing is that?!

Without meaning to do an unashamed advert, the dreamliners are just amazing to fly in. So quiet and smooth - it is definitely a different experience to how most of us take flights. Here is the link and as we always say, be careful of what you believe in the media.

Flying without Fear

Thank you Virginia Fear of Flying. A 10 year old with aspirations to set up own airline, wrote to the CEO of Qantas.

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Here is the alleged reply Hope it is true. Labels: Flying without fear blog march Hello and welcome to !

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  • We hope that you were able to take a restful break? We are still here, helping people as much as we can despite not having course dates to offer currently. We are still working on getting some dates for future courses. In the meantime, if you want some free help, you can look on our YouTube channel 'Virgin flying without fear. If you are looking for something good value to help you, please have a look at our book on Amazon, 'Flying Without Fear, fear of flying questions answered. Here is a nice email that came in just before ended Thanks Phil.

    From: philb Sent: 30 December To: info flyingwithoutfear. Hi, I completed the Flying without fear course about 10 years ago in Birmingham at the age of 56 having never flown before. It opened up a whole new world, literally! I've flown many times since, including trips to Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Italy, Turkey, Russia and have just come back from an amazing holiday in India with Virgin Atlantic of course! I loved the Dreamliner experience, especially the Premium Economy on the way home, very welcome after an exciting but tiring holiday.

    Virgin Flying Without Fear

    I just wanted to reiterate my huge thanks to your amazing team for the excellent course. I never fail to recommend it to anyone I meet who is at all apprehensive about flying and there are quite a lot of them! Thanks again and keep up the good work. Labels: January Blog. Thursday, 13 December Flying without fear blog December Last month, we were 21!

    Labels: flying without fear blog December Welcome to the October blog. From: Dawn. To: info flyingwithoutfear.

    Subject: Thank you. This course has been designed to help you conquer your fears of flying. Our aim is for you to take that holiday or business trip and actually enjoy it. Fear of flying is a phobia that many never, ever face.

    Aerophobia the fear of flying | Mental Healthy

    Now that you are here, we are the best people to help you to get rid of your fear. This workshop is for those that want only a short punchy session to help them. Or, maybe a refresher session before you fly. Or, like our first five years, people used to attend the ground seminar and then take a flight when they were ready. Virgin does this amazing program here in the UK So what happened? The program works. I now fly. It's that simple. I had a fantastic day……….

    Jeff Rossen Give Tips On How To Overcome Fear Of Flying - Megyn Kelly TODAY

    This genuinely helped me. Feeling confident, my next flight was a non-event — that has to mean success.

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