Escape from Communist Hungary

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Richly woven into Kinga's eyewitness account of the Nazi invasion, the Soviet occupation, the Revolution, her escape to a refugee camp in Austria, barracks life at yet another camp in Vienna, and her eventual emigration to the United States are the stories of friends, relatives, and lovers. There are cousin Ester and her husband Sandor, a formal political prisoner abused in Siberia.

The two broken lovers live in a single room where they play "Bolero" together on the piano, over and over and over again. There is Peter, Kinga's first love, shot to death by the Soviets as he is taking a warm bath in Kinga's house. There is cousin Eva, who fell in love with a member of the Soviet secret police, lived with him, tried to escape, and finally hanged herself when she was caught at the border.

There is Tibor, Kinga's true love, who dies of tuberculosis in a sanitarium in Vienna. There is Ria, the almond-eyed, high-class call girl who becomes Kinga's friend at the barracks; and there is Maca, who gets Kinga a part-time job with a businessman in Vienna who rapes her. Most of all, Kinga is a lyrical testimony to the courage, resilience, and invincibility of the human spirit.

On her journey from pampered Hungarian aristocrat to impoverished Austrian refugee to "ordinary" American citizen, Irene Kinga Korponay learned to survive incredible ordeals-- and to feel compassion for those who did not.

Immigrant recalls harrowing escape from Communist Hungary

Today when daughter Rita finds her mother in the garden daydreaming, Irene is remembering the friends and lovers who never got to taste life in a country where "freedom Product Details About the Author. The daughter of a former naval officer, she attended private schools where she studied the classics and became proficient in Latin, French, and German. An incurable romantic who loves a good story, Irene began writing when she was twelve years old, eventually earning prizes for her short stories and achieving publication in Hungarian magazines.

In , following the Hungarian uprising, she escaped to Austria and lived in an American refugee camp for two years. In spite of the hard life in the barracks, she enjoyed the glittering Western metropolis of Vienna and cherished her newly found freedom. After living briefly in Salzburg, Irene emigrated to the United States in Show More.

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Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. The author recounts the seven-decade Saga of her Hungarian Refugee family, as a memoir Jozsef F. Bognar, a renowned musician and Freedom Fighter, with a death sentence inflicted upon him by the View Product. Comdrades, Mistakes Were Made. The communist state's machinery of terror functioned perfectly but the introduced centrally directed incredibly bad functioning economic system did not.

The communist party functionaries explained this Free for All to Freedom. Good Dogs Do Stray is a poignant yet inspiring story about a poor country boy Good Dogs Do Stray is a poignant yet inspiring story about a poor country boy who escapes from Hungary with his family right after the failed Revolution in Koller provides a highly personal account of the hardships during WWII, He actually thought about staying in Austria, but then realized that this was his only chance to come to America so he better take it.

He was in the U. This was in and the Vietnam war was still going on.

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The Army promised not to send him overseas and help him get his citizenship. So in less than three years, my father had obtained his citizenship through a special program for foreigners who agree to serve in the military. My father and mother met while he was in the Army while home on leave visiting his friends. My mother worked with Gertie and my dad worked with Ray. My father ended up going back one time in , which I can still remember. This was right before the Iron Curtain came down. His father had died in April of that year, so he did not get to see him again before he died, but he did get to see the rest of the family.

His mother ended up dying in December of that same year. His next oldest brother died at 47 from a major heart attack. His wife is still living and they had two boys. My dad, the middle child, had three boys with my mother, they are still together. His younger brother is still living, but his wife died of breast cancer. He has one girl and two boys. His youngest brother died of complications from diabetes, which my father also has.

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He divorced his wife, who is still alive. They had one boy and one girl. When my father decided to go back to Hungary in , my parents had some concerns because my father had broken the law by leaving, even though he was a U. So he flew into Austria and rented a car, then drove across the border. He figured that if he had problems, at least he would be on the free side of the border. When he got to the border, the soldiers checked his visa and asked him how he manged to escape.

I climbed over it. The Hungarian money at the time was U. Hungary had undergone ultra hyperinflation during WWII. So you can imagine the state of the economy around the time my father was born. He did not tell them he was leaving he never said good bye as a mother, I know your Grandma must have been worried sick this was intentional as he knew that the police would lock anyone up who may have tried to help him.

As it was the police for many weeks would come in the middle of the night drag your grandfather and Uncles down to the police station and questioned them. Also Dad sent money home with every letter so his mother would have postage money to write a letter back to him.

Migrant crisis: Hungary crossings echo and - BBC News

Sometimes the money would be missing but most of the time there was a note inside the letter that only gave a few days to turn in the money at the bank. I remember one time she wrote that she got new curtains for the house.

Unfortunately, what my father escaped from is reappearing once again. The state is not your friend. The state is not your protector. The state does not offer you any more security than you could provide yourself with a good firearm.

The state does not take care of YOU first, the state takes care of itself first. You get the scraps. Violence cannot solve complex social problems. Supporting the use of violence to redistribute wealth is the true definition of greed. Watch this lecture by economist David Friedman to gain a better understanding of what a civilized society should look like:.

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My father was born in Szakonyfalu, Hungary. He escaped from the same place. Image 2. Image 3. Watch a pastor confront an East German checkpoint here in America. The story of a man being arrested for shingling his own home. The story of a man being arrested for distributing pamphlets. The story of aid workers being arrested for feeding the homeless without a permit.