A Pennsylvania Dutch Boy: And The Truth About The Pennsylvania Dutch

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"Hex Signs: Sacred and Celestial Symbolism in Pennsylvania Dutch Barn Stars" — Glencairn Museum

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Walker is an occupational name for a road maker or a fuller. This name is frequently used for young boys among the Amish. This name is popular in the modern world as well. The name is derived from Will, which is short for William. You think these Amish boy names are interesting? Wait till you see the names that Amish girls get! Abigail is an excellent choice of a name for your little princess. It is quite poignant if you ask us. You can name your daughter Amity as an ode to all the dear friends who helped shape your life. We think it is a pretty unique name for your graceful girl.

A form of Hannah, often mentioned in the Old Testament. Saint Anne is another name for Virgin Mary, from which Anna is derived. This explains the why the name Anna is popular among Christians in the Amish community and even the rest of the world. Annie is yet another variant of Anna, which means grace. Did you know that the actual name of Barbie, the doll that girls love, is Barbara Millicent Roberts?


Betty is a shortened version of Elizabeth. Elizabeth continues to be one of the most favored names for young girls in the Amish community. Gaelic by origin, Bridget originates from Brigid, which stands for power, strength, vigor or virtue. This name is steadily rising on the popularity charts for years now.

This will be an unusual, but solid name for your daughter. It can be shortened to Kate or Cathy. You are sure that you can teach your daughter to be kindhearted and generous. Then why not name her Charity? You can choose this name for your baby girl if you want her to have a rare name.

Though often used among the Amish, Collette is not heard of among other communities in the rest of the world.

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Dorothy rightly sounds very formal and old-fashioned, as it is derived from Old English. If you are into formal names, you can consider this for your daughter. This now rare name was once trendy in the 19th and 20th century England. It is an apt name for your bright, intelligent baby girl.

PENNSYLVANIA: Amish drug arrests reveal long-held secret in closed society

Eliza is short for Elizabeth. It is a Greek name with its origins in Hebrew. Think Elizabeth and you think of the Queen, the longest reigning monarch of England. Emma was also the name of the strong-minded heroine of a Jane Austen novel by the same name. Taking its roots from the Bible, Esther was the name of the Jewish wife of the King of Persia who prevented the extermination of all the Jews.

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It could also be a derivative of Ishtar, who was a Near Eastern goddess. As a mother, you understand the significance of giving life to a new human and how precious your daughter is to you. According to the Bible, Eve was the first woman that God created for Adam and was the progenitor of human life. Evelyn is a beautiful name for your beautiful daughter.

Faith is derived from the Latin word fidere. A popular name among the Amish, Faith means confidence, trust or belief. This name is frequently used among devout Christians as well. A variant of Frances, it is the perfect name for your free-spirited independent baby girl. An old-fashioned name that picked some popularity due to the Hardy Brothers series Gertrude Hardy was their aunt. It can be shortened to Gertie. Your baby is beautiful and precious as a pearl. This Amish name, which is short for Margaret, was made famous by the stunning actress Greta Garbo.

This Amish name is too antique if you are into modern names. You can opt for this name if you want a unique name for your daughter. This is a biblical name and quite often used in the Amish community. Henrietta is the female variation of the name Henry and means a powerful ruler.

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Although a long and bit stuffy for daily use, we recommend Henrietta because of its rarity these days. It is a dignified name for your daughter and will command respect from others. Hope is what we have when the future remains an uncertainty. Kids bring hope to our lives, so what better name to give your child than Hope! Hope is also one of the three Christian virtues that every religious person should have. Irene comes from Eirene who was the Greek goddess of peace. Iris also sources its roots to Greek mythology and means rainbow.

Apart from being well-received among the Amish, it is a trendy name in England. Ivy is a short name yet it carries a great depth.

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Ivy, derived from the name of the plant, means faithfulness in Old English. It would be an excellent name for your daughter. Jacqueline is the feminine form of the French name Jacques , which is a variation of Jacob. Have you ever wondered what Jane means? In , this policy was codified into law. This exemption applies to a religious group that is conscientiously opposed to accepting benefits of any private or public insurance, provides a reasonable level of living for its dependent members, and has existed continuously since December 31, Supreme Court clarified in that Amish employers are not exempt, but only those Amish individuals who are self-employed.

In , Pathway Publishers was founded by two Amish farmers to print more material about the Amish and Anabaptists in general. It is located in Lagrange, Indiana , and Aylmer , Ontario. Pathway has become the major publisher of Amish school textbooks, general-reading books, and periodicals.