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High school is hard. But, these high schoolers are making the best of their time through these awkward years and they have the sense of humor to prove it. We see bright futures for these hilarious teens. Check out some of the most share-worthy and hilarious yearbook quotes. Given that she wears a headscarf for religious purposes, her haircut quote is absolutely priceless. We feel for Randey Chung, we really do. We do applaud him for having a sense of humor about these hellish years, though. His quote is absolutely hysterical but in a sad kind of way. Nguyen is a popular name in the Vietnamese culture.

And we mean very popular. Alice, Kim, Theresa, and Vivian wanted to make it clear to everyone for probably the millionth time that they are not related. The Rowell twins made us laugh out loud with their yearbook quote. We appreciate your honesty Segun, now stop with the emails. Do we see a career in stand-up comedy for Zachary Chastain? It certainly appears that way. Yunosuke likes to look at the bright side of life and we appreciate people like that. Max Crankshaw is confident and comfortable with his sexuality and his sense of humor is on point too.

Poor Joe. How many times have people asked him if he has a farm just because his last name is McDonald?

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Griffin might have disappointed his mom a bit with this one but it has the rest of us dying from laughter. Apparently the Henderson parents got a giant surprise when they found out they were having twins. A really big fan. In fact, she puts fries before guys and she wanted to share that with her classmates.

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However, her dad advised against it. So—she just quoted him instead. Jessica Enciso has her head on straight. Your pillow will never let you down. This high school senior really crunched the numbers here to find out exactly how long she spent locked up in her high school. You better frame that diploma. Now—he goes around eating plants just to spite them.

If you were given an African name, you know the dread that comes with roll call or any public name announcement. People never get it right. Agboke knows these struggles all too well and decided to speak on behalf of every African kid for her yearbook quote.

Paige really rocked the yearbook quote world when she had the idea to ask if she could use emojis in her yearbook quote. These two guys knew that they would be positioned next to each other in the yearbook and came up with this clever idea. Which one do you believe?! At least Eric seems to recognize that education is important. Robert Byrne.

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